Friday, August 13

Last night was a particularly bad ...

... Tigger night.
She unrolled a whole roll of loo paper and tore bits up (see exhibit 1).She knocked over a whole glass of red wine ... on the carpet.
She and Ping played chasies, ran over me, and I ended up with deep scratches on my left arm and the tops of both thighs. Bleeding type scratches.
O, and she pulled the Kimono off the wall, twice.
I've started 'hissing' when the nonsense starts and I'm buying a couple of spray bottles for some water aversion-therapy.
I do love the Tigger-monster but I think we are going to have to start being a bit more firm about this, we've been a bit lax and I don't want to end up losing an eye!
Probably best we don't have a human child, going by this experience, we'd have a vile little monster on our hands, out of control vile.


cookiecrumb said...

I thought all cats were good!

e said...

Mmmh... something tells me your child would not be out of control vile. A little spray bottle therapy might be needed. If it's any consolation, I did not have a Xmas tree until my youngest kitty was 4.

Zoomie said...

The squirt bottles are a good idea - she will learn. The problem is that cats are naturally nocturnal so they sleep all day while you are at work and are ready to roll at night when you want to sleep.

I recommend a rousing playtime with a bit of string or one of those wonderful feather tufts on the end of a "fishing pole" just before bedtime, to tucker her out a bit. When she flops on her side, panting, you know she'll sleep. For an hour or so.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, until this one they were :)
E - that's funny, my mum only puts an xmas tree UP for the cats :)
Zoomie, if you could SEE how much we play with her you'd be astounded. Fetch for hours, jumping for the dangly fishing pole stick thing (she's ripped all the feathers off), wrestles, romps, she's tireless and ... well naughty! We've never had to use water before but we'll be using it for this wee minx!

Pink Granite said...

Vile? Perhaps, but oh so cute as a button the rest of the time!

Spray bottles are good.
We've also had good luck with a few coins in a can. A quick sharp rattling clattering sound halts them in their tracks.
And we always use the double hiss with a finger waggle. But that does seem to become more effective over time.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, o, agreed, buttonworthy cute! But only sometimes, other times horrid horrid horrid!