Monday, December 1

Look, up in the sky ...

... it's a smiley face. Yay.


Roo said...

Hey hey - just catching up!

I saw the shopping item on the news this morning, has life seriously got that bad? I wonder sometimes why I am still in the UK, then I lok around and think maybe we are not that bad after all.

I did like the tomatoes, and you are so right, the smell, why can't they bottle it! We lost all our to blight this year, the very first time I have tried to grow them, but I am going to try again next year.

I notice too that similarity on enfeeblement.. why is it sometime you can have a skinfull of hooch and wake up...sprooong, full of beans, and other times, have a relaxing evening, two small glasses of wine and wake feeling like you've been trappled to death by cows?... is it an age thing? I wonder.

Finally - are you allowed to drown Hillbillies in your sink in Oz? ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, I'm afraid I can't claim it was only a couple of glasses, I was very foolish and am most contrite. That said, age has certainly limited the "bounceback" from hangovers.
There's a perfume shop somewhere that does things like tomato, but I can't find it anymore. I suspect it's not as good as the real thing anyway.
As for Hillbillies, nope, *giggles*