Thursday, December 4

I think this is called retail therepy ...

... This morning I was feeling very frumpy and old, not entirely sure why, I just was. It happens sometimes.
Then, after finalising a paper requiring diplomacy and delicacy* I was ordered by the big boss to "go outside at lunchtime"** and directed to "buy a dress".
So I did, first shop, first try on bingo. A bright-red party frock*** with lovely satin trimming (I love red), perfect. (Well, acutally, not quite perfect. I've had to do a little discrete sewing around the neckline so my boobs won't be on display for the vulgar masses.)
And on the way back to work I discovered my favourite department store was offering a 30% discount on fancy scanties (aka knickers & bras) so I got some - all flowers & lace, squeeee.
And then getting out required passing the shoe section, where there's a sale and a pair of shoes that exactly matched the dress****. It was meant to be. I am reliably informed by several colleagues that these qualify as FM Shoes. But since I'm a nice middle-aged, married lady I think I'll call them saucy minxy shoes. I'd hate to create the wrong impression.
And you know, I felt much, much better.

* I know, I can't believe it either!
** Having not been outside all week.
*** But not TOO party, I'll get away with wearing it to work.
**** No, I'll not be walking ANY distance in them, in fact I may have to be carried!


cookiecrumb said...

Red peep-toes AND red toenails! Oh, you vixen.
You must have written a VERY good report.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, my reports are LEGENDARY.

Pink Granite said...

Hi -
I'm still stuck on: "directed to "buy a dress""!

Congratulations on all the yummy, lovely things you found. Saucy and minxy indeed!
- Lee

P.S. What a relief to be back on my home internet connection which does not declare your blog to be "fraudulent"! Yay!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well Lee, the work party was the very next day and the boss is a Girl too! (and had been shopping that very morning herself!)

Pink Granite said...

Aaaah. It all becomes clear now.
Thank you!