Saturday, November 29

Tomato bragging ...

... I was beginning to wonder where all the tomatoes were. But here they are, all hidden away amongst the leaves. I've got to fossick around in amongst the leaves to find them, which leaves my hands smelling that wonderful green smell. There's nothing else quite like it. There are plenty, quite a few varieties (we planted a heirloom mystery pack of seeds so we could end up with Green Zebra, Lemon Drop, Black Krim, White Beauty, red Tommy Toe, pink Brandywine, Purple Russian, cream Wapsipinicon Peach, Brown Berry or Orange Jaune Flamme). I can't wait for the colours to come in. I love that, at the moment, they all have their bebe fuzz, in a certain light it looks a little like they've been sprinkled with gold dust. No, these aren't tomatoes but they are beautiful.Makes a mighty fine weed pie too.


Pink Granite said...

Sigh - I miss fresh from the garden or the farmers market tomatoes.
How will you know what's what with the heirloom variety mystery pack?
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I'll compare pictures with my tommies. Diggers Seeds, the sellers of said pack, also sell single varitey packs, I'll take my seek catalogue out and identify them. A little like birdwatching I think

Pink Granite said...

I knew you'd have a solution.
- Lee