Thursday, November 27

So, last night ...

... at Restaurant Blancmange, lovely, really lovely.
The restaurant is in the building where Manna (home of that wonderfulness, the duck dinner, it is sadly missed). It’s a charming space, and we were popped right in the big picture window that looks out over the park.
Beautifully appointed, enchanting service (Mr Brown believes the waiter fancied him, but he always thinks that) and the food. Mighty.
There was magnificent house sourdough bread and they were generous with the butter (unsalted, so a pretty little enameled cup held some salt flakes just in case you needed it). Then I indulged in a potential heart attack with the twice-baked cheese and herb souffle. Blissfully cheesy and perfectly onion-y. Mr Brown had the chorizo, calamari & white anchovy salad, I cannot comment, he did not share (greedy bastard - he says he doesn't have to anymore, now I'm not a "professional" reviewer).
This was followed by my roasted Berkshire pork belly with funny little cauliflower doodads* and a wonderful potato cake – oh, and creamy herb butter (yes, I too am surprised my heart got me through to morning). The crackling alone was worth it. I could eat a whole piggy of crackling (yes, and die the next day I know, but it would be worth it). Because we’d brought an extra special 1999 red with us, Mr Brown went the Black Angus rump steak with wild garlic and parsley sauce rather than his first fishy choice. OH MY that butter hummed (in a good way).
Dessert? No one will be surprised to hear the Bear man went for the chocolate terrine or that I chose the affrogato, I just can’t go past an affrogato and himself can't go past a good, chocolaty dessert.
And all that was $50 each for 3 courses – bargain (about $3 of your American dollars in case you were wondering my Yankee virtual friends – this I know because I bought Mr B’s xmas gift on line today and the exchange rate broke the bank - damn this global financial crisis).
Highly recommended - go here to see some pics.

* cauliflower beignets


Cosy said...

What a delishhhhhhhhhhushhh meal. Oh, I'd love to die by pork crackling too.

Cosy said...
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Ms Brown Mouse said...

Death by crackling would indeed be a great way to go. Death by Paris Mash is another dream of mine.