Saturday, November 15

Monster bread ...

... Zoomie's post about zucchini reminded me of a "science experiment" a friend and I conducted for a school project (the details elude me).
We made a zucchini bread with so much yeast it just grew and grew. It wouldn't stop, it looked like it was going to take over. We halved it, threw half in the bin, IT KEPT ON GROWING IN THERE.
Terrified of our creation, we finally thew the rest in the freezer and slammed the door.
Returning much later to see if we'd managed to kill it, we found it had continued to grow inside the freezer for some time. It had taken over the section and was firmly and frozen solidly wedged in.
That took some removing indeed.


Pink Granite said...

Your responses to the problem were very clever!

It reminds me, there was an old "I Love Lucy" television episode where Lucy and Ethel went overboard on the yeast. If memory serves they had the cooked loaf growing out of the oven and pinning Lucy to the counter!

Did "I Love Lucy" make it to Australia?
If not, here are a couple of links:
and episode #25 Pioneer Women
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I love Lucy did indeed make it over, I've seen reruns but never warmed to it, too much physical humour I think, though I can't be sure.