Tuesday, November 18

Meditation and magic fingers ...

... I work with an Angry Vegan who, when not being all preachy and angry to the non-vegans (the REST of us), is actually quite a nice bloke. He runs a free guided-meditation session Friday lunchtime. He's very good at it, the guiding I mean.
Anyhoo, I'm not much one for touchy-feely, other worldy, mystical, alternative stuff - but I'll generally give things a go and if they work, great. I don't actually care about the theory behind things (in fact, it can turn you right off), but if it works, for whatever reason, wacko!
On this basis I'm a convert to the workings of Bowen Therapy (up to a point), Acupuncture (hell it worked for Small's Arthritis and she's a CAT, so I don't think it's the placebo effect), Acupressure (it keeps me typing), and the Relaxation Response via meditation (it got me sleeping again, so I'm happy). On the other hand, I'm quite convinced Bach Flower Remedies are a total crock (it's water, brandy and "energetic signature", and the rescue remedy, no effect at all except a vague feeling I was being naughty, drinking brandy in working hours), Aromatherapy is bunk (I'm a big fan of good smells, don't get me wrong, but they've not cured me of anything yet and lavender does NOT make me sleepy), Crystal Healing is fraudulent (the stones are pretty though) and Iridology is bunk (an iridologist told me the couple of brown spots on my eye indicated I was a heavy smoker at some stage ME! She would not believe otherwise - daft baggage).
So, the point of this ramble? Oh yes. Usually meditation makes me lose my body, I just stop feeling it. It's a really weird, though quite pleasant, sensation. On Friday, the loss of body happened again, except for my right shoulder blade, the muscle behind that was all I could feel.
"Aha" thought I, "that's what's been bothering me lately" and off I went to the Chinese torture palace for some Zhi Ya (指壓). That young Jason (a nom de guerre I'm sure), he's a miracle worker.


e said...

Fantastic. What an awesome experience with the meditation. I need to try that.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I trust it works for you E, I think it does for some but not for others.
Yoga, for instance, seems to work for you, whereas my experience of yoga just made me angry! Imagine, I'd walk out crosser than when I went in. Bah.

Pink Granite said...

I'm struck by how many different things you've been willing to try - very open minded!
And I'm familiar with Angry Vegans as well some very testy vegetarians!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I'm pretty open to all sorts of things, but is clearly too ridiculous to contemplate.
As for the AV, he just gets so shouty, it gets to the point you just want to avoid all conversation just in case something triggers him off. If I dared I'd suggest he eat a big steak and calm the F**k down.

caw said...

och ms mouse, it is wonderful you can feel so relaxed in those sessions and pin point the areas in your bod which hurt. i had a deep tissue massage recently and thought i was going to die, but man, it felt great afterward.
as for the AV, have you suggested, "oh, go eat a cow" or made a jokes regarding the ingesting of dead flesh? in some cultures, such a suggestion might be considered quite charming LOL ... except that i suspect i am familiar with the AV in question. you would be burnt at the stake.
perish the thought and scratch that suggestion.

also, im stoked about the good chop sockky - was it at the place where you lay down or sit up? the sit-up kung fu place always gave me an oval egg shaped imprint around my dial.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - you do indeed know the AV - so you know why I don't bother joking or suggesting he eat some meat for goodness sake! Not worth the hassle and upset.
Kungfoo was lie down, down in the bowels of centrepoint centre, hole in the wall type place, the one next door is nice but not remedial!