Monday, October 27

A side trip ...

... on Day 1, to Daylesford.
Here, we finally saw some water, levels way lower than the last time we were here, but enough for the ducks. I love Daylesford (and ducks, obvy). It's a great Art Deco town where they haven't torn down all the old buildings. I could live here easily, I don't mind the cold so long as I've a warm house.
This place is my first choice if I had me druthers, Mr Brown thinks I'm mad, he prefers next door. Nice gate, but I prefer the charming decrepitude of my place. The old mineral-water pumps are down the hill a bit from the lake, in this pretty spot. The water tastes terrible, mostly of metal from the pumps themselves I'm guessing. We only had a tiny taste, Mr Brown still being wary from the first time I (allegedly) "tricked" him into tasting the waters. I still get a laugh from the memory of his wild I've-been-poisoned dance ... The ducks don't seem to mind it though.


Pink Granite said...

It's all so lovely and romantic.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well bits ... perhaps ;)