Sunday, October 26

Life really is too short ...

... to stuff a mushroom.
But it certainly isn't too short to double-peel broad beans. Nope, I'll always make the time to dual peel these little green lovelies. Clearly the whole lettuce and water diet didn't make it past lunchtime, and these became a sort of pesto, through which to toss some lovely fresh tortellini.
Oh, our new tea-towel, found in Melbourne. Excellent kitchen advice. I wish I'd had it the first time I tried to cook Mr Brown a quiche!*
* a story for another time, perhaps.


Pink Granite said...

Excellent advice - for the kitchen and everywhere!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I've got it on a mug for work too, could have done with that advice the last 6 months or so.

Pink Granite said...

Me too - politically speaking!