Thursday, October 16

15 years ago today ...

... When I let it be known at work that the reason I was taking time off was to get married, a woman came up and asked me "what will we call you when you get back?"
"Morgan" I said.
"No silly, what will your new name be?"
I twigged, "I'm not changing my name, I'll still be Morgan Mouse".
"Well why bother getting married then?" and off she stomped (she was a VERY strange woman - I once almost crushed her in some compatus, she didn't hear me call out "anyone there", because, I was to discover that very afternoon, she was deaf).
I couldn't really answer why, still can't really except that it seemed to be a good idea at the time.
I was quite certain, however, that it wasn't so I could change my name to Brown. I'd have had to marry a Mr Mucus or somesuch in order to be tempted that way!
To mark the event we shall be dining at Becasse, because (hehehee) the Boathouse is booked out for a private function (bastards).


Pink Granite said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
As we sing at the end of Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary songs:
"And many more! Wheeeeee!"
<);o) & <);o)>
Lee & Chuck

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Thanks Lee, and thank you for the little champagne birdie - very cute indeed ;)

Urban Koda said...

Congrats Guys!

e said...

Woot! Well done!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Thank you one and all - it's not exactly a difficult achievement, though ... just pootling along really.

Zoomie said...

Loved this post and happy anniversary! Ain't married life grand?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, yep, I guess it suits some of us :)

Anonymous said...

ooops sorry forgot! happy post day. great music, still remember the dancing xxS

LBA said...

Happy Belated !

You just made me break out the online calculator to work out: 13 years. bah - boring.

I like that you're married in Oct before me .. keep blogging for my annual reminder :p

Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B - all the *best* people get married in October - glad to be a reminder - puts the pressure on for me to remember! The very morning, and Mr Brown was wandering out the door to work, I just managed to get a "oh, happy anniversary boyo!" out. Whew, doesn't do to forget these things.