Sunday, September 21

We don't drink much sweet wine ...

... but there is no way I could walk past this at the bottle shop and not pop a couple in the basket. Not after reading about Mrs Wigley, and the label is ADORABLE

*blushes with shame for being a person who buys wine based on the label and pretty colour*


Pink Granite said...

Blush away!
I appreciate the tip.
I hope it's available around here. We like a muscat or an ice wine from time to time. And I enjoy the creativity and romance of wine labels.
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I hope you can get some over there too. I've bought strawberries and black grapes and intend to eat them and drink the wine as soon as it turns warm again.
I once bought a bottle of pink wine because a pretty white feather was stuck to the lable!

Urban Koda said...

I was reading an article last week that looked at the increase of animals on wine labels and how a number of people will be drawn to a particular wine based on the animal on the label.

It would appear that you are just part of a growing trend :-)

Anonymous said...

Sooo what does it taste like?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

UK - that makes me feel a little better.
S - not actually opened a bottle yet, it's chilling!