Monday, September 15

Pets in beds ...

... Mr Brown & I banished the furry girls from our bedroom a few years ago. They didn't just sleep with us you see. They fought with each other, got up and down several times a night, walked all over us, leaned and pushed and pushed and leaned until they had the middle and we slept on the very outer edge. And then there was the whole being tense all the time because I didn't want to roll over and squash one of them. So, it was close the hall door and give them the huge goose-feather European pillow. A few nights of howling at the door and they were fine.
Still, there's a ritual to going to bed, I generally get there first, to read while Mr Brown watches the late-night sport news, and within nano-seconds, I've got furry company. We snuggle up and settle down until Mr Brown turns up and turfs them out. With a little ritualised chasey game with Ping before she agrees to saunter into the lounge room for the night.
Here's a series of photographs taken by imjustincognito (Justin Cox) over at flickr. It's a series of photos of people right before they go to sleep. What I love is how many of them have cats or dogs as part of the whole going to bed thing. Go look, they're great.


e said...

Very cool. His other photos are great, too.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yes, I suspect he may be a pro!