Monday, September 22


... and the $6million flower has arrived just in time. One day I just may tell its story.


Roo said...

Oooh! Like the new header (you'll have to tell me how it is done).

The idea of a $6M dollar plant... you don't want to leave that for the neighbours to water ;o)

Pale green - very easuy on the eyes, especially if you've had your contacts in the wrong way round....

Umbrella, windows and rain - they go together like peas and pods.

And glad you like our henges and chalk drawings ;o) When you coming to see them???

Ilva said...

like the new design!

Pink Granite said...

Happy Spring!
... as we celebrate Happy Autumn!
Looking forward to the flower story and the blog header tips!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I can't believe I'm being asked for blogger tips - but I will post a wee how to asap.
The flower story will be told if the bastard ever actually opens!