Thursday, August 28

Very "first world" conversation ...

... Mr Brown & I had one, over dinner, on his birthday.
"I'm down for 2 weeks leave at the end of October" I said, "and I expect you to take at least 1 of those off too. And we are going somewhere, on a proper holiday".
"Ok," said Mr Brown.
"Where will we go then? I want to go somewhere different, interesting."
"Where do you want to to?"
"Well I'd LIKE to go to New York, or London, but that's just silly, for only a week."
Mr Brown agreed. "Yes, that would be excessive, thousands of $$ on airfares, for just a week."
"So where? New Zealand?"
"No, we're going there after xmas."
"We ARE?? Why haven't I heard of this before?"
"For sailing, you could visit with (friend who lives in Wellington)."
"Ok, so Holiday, where?"
We threw place names at each other (Fiji, Vietnam, bla bla bla) but most got vetoed because, it was too far and too expensive, just for a week. Or it was silly and we were just suggesting going because we could, not because we actually had a yen for the place.
So far, Cradle Mountain (the lodge, nothing too strenuous people, it's me after all) in Tasmania or an Australian wine region, Mudgee, Orange, Rutherglen or some such, look most likely. But nothing is really exciting me.
So, any suggestions?


Zoomie said...

How about staying in your own city but putting up at the poshest place you can think of, somewhere with a lovely view, great food and meticulous service - and a swimming pool and maybe even a spa. Total decadence. Aaaaaaah....

Anonymous said...

ooo. A holiday! How about Victoria's high country? They have requisite wineries and spas - and the countryside is luvverly.
The Barossa is probably a bit scruffy & drought-ridden, ditto the Hunter Valley.
mmm. Kangaroo Valley and the southern highlands, generally?
Or if you are a sea-side gal (just the view, mind) how about somewhere near the Great Ocean Road with speccie views (and a spa, per zoomie's excellent suggestion, or jacuzzi)????

Anonymous said...

you could come visit the puppy. i believe it is not armpit weather in early october. X

Roo said...

Come to England - it's almost not rained for three straight days in a row, you can gate crash the "do" ;o)

I am also green with envy that you are going to NZ, especially as it is sooooo close!!! no 24 hour flights for you then...bummer

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, yes, that's one of the options, though Dad says the "puppy" is almost a dog!
Roo, it would be England if it wasn't only for a week - I am tempted by the "do" crash though - nothing like a someone you met on the internet crashing a party ;)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, something deep inside me refuses to let me stay in a hotel when I've got my perfectly good bed waiting for me at home - if I didn't know better I'd say I was a Protestant.
CAW - I do love the GOR but we've done it so manytimes, I want something NEW.