Saturday, August 30

Typical Saturday Morning ...

... for Ping that is.
Wake humans by howling at hall door that blocks my ingress to the big bed.
Eat "cat" breakfast.
Aha, Mr Brown is up and going the markets, wait on tenderhooks on big bed edge.
Yay, egg and bacon rolls, nag the Mouse for at least 1/2 the bacon.
Right, Mouse's roll all gone, down to kitchen share of Mr Brown's bacon.
Sniff the Mouse's coffee, nope, still not tempting.
Yay, she's up, "help" with the laundry and sundry domestic tasks.
Assist the Mouse with her intertoobing.
Ooooh provisions have arrived, "help" unpack the shopping, ensure a fair share of Mr Brown's sandwich meat is handed over.
Start demanding "cat" dinner.
Eat cat dinner.
Oooh, human dinner, veal, demand a share.
Play bedtime chasies with Mr Brown.
Sleep (with occasional forays into the bathroom).


e said...

Aahhh... a perfect kitty day. I take it Small just lies about looking pretty?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Small curls herself into a little bun and sleeps the day away.