Monday, August 11

Truth in labelling …

… A week or so we dug up the vegie beds, fed the dirt and put down a bale of pea straw, to keep the worms warm until spring.
Yesterday, while putting in the spud crop, we received confirmation that the pea straw was indeed, genuine pea straw. We kept coming across bebe pea plants as we dug.
I wonder what kind of peas they will turn out to be.


cookiecrumb said...

Yay, free peas! I hope they're a good kind.

Roo said...

Could they be escape-peas?????

Pink Granite said...

I love volunteers in the garden!
The first year we moved here, before we had a chance to organize a proper compost pile, we were just piling the things up where the future pile would be. We did no turning, no deliberate layering nor watering. Before we knew it we had pumpkins and potatoes growing!
Enjoy the peas!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, is there a bad kind of pea?
Roo - heheehe, peas on earth!
Lee - we are always getting free pumpkins - in the most inappropriate places, thanks to home-made compost.