Sunday, August 24

Sunday Soup ...

… another Green Soup, but this time it’s Broccoli & Mustard Soup.
I’ve no idea where the recipe for this one came from, I think I had it at a friend’s place once and had a stab at it at home. Seems to work anyway.
You’ll need -
a large onion, cut into ½ moons
One large or 2 medium-ish potatoes, peeled and cut into chunky cubes
A clove or 2 of garlic (if you like it) chunked
A large broccoli tree, cut into chunks, the trunk too
Chicken stock, about a litre (4 cups)
A generous teaspoon or so of wholegrain mustard
A cup of milk or ½ milk + ½ cream (if you’re feeling decadent)
Some olive oil
So, heat some olive oil in a largish saucepan and start to soften the onion and garlic, don’t brown. Then pop in the potato cubes and stir it about.
When the potatoes start to stick, put in the stock and the trunk bits of broccoli (not the fluffy bits though). Bring it to the boil and then let it simmer (lid on) until the potato is soft/cooked through.
Add the rest of the broccoli and heat through until cooked.
Take off the heat, add the milk/cream and then whizz it with one of those hand-held blender things until smooth, no big chunks anyway. Add the mustard and return to the heat and stir for a bit until warm through.
Serve, best with nice thick toast, we’re having sourdough with olives.


Roo said...

Have you tried Broccoli and Stilton soup - yum, a real winter warmer ;o)

Roo said...

and.. I forgot to mention, I love the ring you bought, it's made me think about something I am having done, and I'm really looking forward to it even more so.

I like the new look dancing morgan mouse too, very posh mouse ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

STILTON - erk, no way Mr Roo - I'll never change enough to be able to eat stilton!
Glad you like the ring, it flashes those beautiful opal colours when you least expect it.
& The brown-mouse thanks you.

Pink Granite said...

I enjoy a broccoli, potato and cheese soup. This sounds like a yummy variation!
I see you enjoy soup on Sundays and you used to have pizza on Wednesdays. Both lend themselves to infinite variations. Do you have other patterns on other days of the week?
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, we only do Pizza every now and again now, it was getting too hard to think of new stuff to bung on top but the sunday soup thing has been going for years, mostly in winter, it's one of the reasons I so look forward to winter.
There was a time when we got into a bit of a food rut, Friday was always a prawn (shrimp) risotto, Thursday was always a new york cut steak, pizza wendneday ... it was easy not to have to think. That's one of the reasons I do the weekly menu now, for the variety.