Saturday, August 16

I’ve just finished reading ...

... The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and I was utterly charmed by it, totally, undeniably, wonderfully charmed. I laughed, I wept I read many, many bits out aloud to Mr Brown, who actually listened (he usually rolls his eyes when I start reading stuff out aloud).
It’s a perfectly wonderful little book, full of fascinating history (Guernsey and under German occupation in the second world war), wonderful characters and telling a lovely story. The end, I’ll admit, was a little trite but I didn’t care because it was the ending I wanted and it was a happy one. What’s more it brought me a new word, epistolary. Yes, it’s a book written in letters.
The author, in her 70s had apparently worked as an editor, a librarian, and in bookshops. It was her first book. Her niece, an author, Annie Barrows, had to finish things off because Ms Shaffer became too ill to do so, and sadly she did not live to see the book published.
I usually make a little card at this point, but I think this is better.

Now, don't you just want to go out and read it yourself?


Anonymous said...

ooo, how fascinatment. did i ever tell you that the scottish side of my family ran away to guernsey? yes, the rest of them went to france to become cheese eating surrender monkeys but i believe i still have 'lations on guernsey somewhere. all very curious.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - how wonderful, it looks like a lovely place (now the beastly germans have left of course!)

Pink Granite said...

Thanks for the lovely review!
I've just added it to our wish list.
- Lee

Anonymous said...

...or maybe the frenchies ran away to guernsey and scotland? im really not sure now.
but yes, it does look rather nice. i'd prefer jersey tho i think. tax breaks aside, it looks more twee and quaint.