Friday, July 18

What I did on my break ...

... Day 5.
Well, I paid all the bloody bills on-line. I hate paying bills, it's not fun spending, even if it is paying off fun spending.
Never mind, then I struggled into town to get those damned red unsplit lentils. I should have waited until next week, it was vile out there. I'm not a particularly violent person but if one more perfect stranger wished me peace & love in the name of their particular invisible friend, Jeebers, I'd have put out an eye (not my own btw). Then I came home, did a little light laundry, which in turn meant a bit of quality outside time for the furry girls, and then I made Cookie's Salmon Wellington. It was really, really good. Having these virtual bloggy friends has really enhanced my recipe repertoire.
A week well spent.


e said...

Having a week off at home is awesome, isn't it?

cookiecrumb said...

I am stupefied! OMG. Er, well, OMJeebers. I'm happy you liked the "recipe."
I hear you got the pope to drop by.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, if BXVI had shown up at the door, sniffing my fish "pie" I'd have turned him away - he has made me most grumpy.
The "recipe" was the BOMB btw, plate lickin good.
E - it is indeedy!

Pink Granite said...

Oh thank you for the link to the yummy recipe! It looks and sounds fabulous!

So sorry the Pope has made you so grumpy. If he had knocked on your door, you should have invited him in. I imagine a most interesting and spirited discussion would have ensued. Of course, you would have to have a DMM to Pope translator so that he would know that "Invisible Friend" was equivalent to what he meant by "God". But after that I think it would have gone off swimmingly. Ooooh and imagine your post the next day!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oh Lee, there's simply no way I could let him in the house should he come a'knocking, Mr Brown would rip him to pieces. It’s safest he stay outside.
You may think I'm a bit fierce re the invisible friends but you should hear him - you wouldn't believe it, but I'm the one saying "now poppet, you just have to accept that other people believe ..." It's a cliché but "some of my best friends ..." Hell, I'm friends with some smokers too!

Pink Granite said...

Oh my!
Good to know.
If I ever manage to get to Sydney I'll be sure to ask if there are any other taboo topics in the BrownMouseHouse, well before I knock on the door!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, There's not that many but I'd give you a heads up for sure ;)
(Just for goodness sake don't get him started on boats.)