Sunday, July 20

Uggg ...

... had to get up early enough to actually hear sparrows fart (pfffffft) this morning, so we could squeeze in the furry girls' annual vet visit before Mr Brown went away sailing for the day. Gawd I hate early mornings.
Still, I got the vet to give them their worm tablets (on top of everything else) so I don't have to fight them over it. Little bastards sat there and swallowed like she was feeding them roast chicken wrapped in bacon.
more cat pictures
I appear to have been forgiven, Ping's purring in my lap as I type and accepting little kisses on the top of her furry wee head.
Right, now back to bed with the paper, that's how a Sunday morning SHOULD be spent.
Edited to add - The vet just called, and Small's blood tests came back normal. All is fine & dandy with the elderly furry, good.


cookiecrumb said...

Ha ha ha.
I had to trim Bean Sprout's toenails yesterday. I can't believe he actually gave me a kiss today. Must have been the salty sweat on my neck.
Tomorrow is my Sunday. Bedtime in about three hours.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ha indeed. Small, the elderly siamese, once bit through my thumb in a toenail trimming operation.
Sweet dreams Cookie.

Pink Granite said...

Thanks for the good news update!
Abby and Cassie send Ping and Small their best - but if asked in public they'll deny they did that!
- Lee

e said...

Good news on Ping and Small. My girls claw clipping goes like this: Missy does not get her claws clipped; Cricket gets her claws clipped regularly, which she puts up with patiently, she's never bitten or scratched anyone in her life; Maliboo Kitty will only be clipped right after I come out of the shower, and sit on the toilet seat (lid down) with her on my lap. I know.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, Ping and Small would thank Abby and Cassie, only that would require acknowledging that other cats actually exist, which they of course know cannot be so.
E, claw clipping is a 2 person job at our house. Mr Brown sits on the loo (indeed with the lid down) with a cat on his lap. He holds them still (and out of biting distance) and I hold paws and clip. It is all very stressful indeed and treats (cat & human variety) are required afterwards.