Wednesday, July 2

I didn't wear my wedding ring to work today ...

... and not a single person noticed.
Perhaps these symbols ARE meaningless afterall.


Zoomie said...

Had your behavior changed to match your new ringless state, they'd have noticed! :-)

Pink Granite said...

They're not meaningless.

And I think I would have noticed. It's one of the first few things I take note of people.
A friend, who only wears a simple gold band as her wedding ring, once showed up with a second simple gold band with a small colored stone set in it, worn on the same ring finger. I noticed it immediately and she said only one other person had.

I assume there was no unhappy reason behind your not wearing your wedding ring.
How did you feel without it all day?
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I wear my ring, or don't wear it, based on whether my fingers hurt or not. B/c I spend a lot of time at the keyboard with the study stuff, my fingers sometimes swell and get jolly sore. Sometimes, my ring doesn't fit, which is a bugger. So I don't wear it for a couple of days, and lay off the keyboard, then it fits. It's not too small, it's perfect. It's just that I tend to overdo the keyboard writing thing. If anyone notices, they don't say anything. The wearing or not wearing is never anything to do with my mood. You might find that people noticed, but they thought it polite not to say anything? Hmmm. xx

e said...

I don't think they're meaningless, I think there are lots of people who are either asleep at the wheel or busy with their own stuff.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, I don't think my behaviour has changed so perhaps that's why - or they thought if they said anything I may burst into tears and run from the room (not that I would have but ...)
Lee - no, no unhappy reason, I left it on the olive oil spout after making pizza and forgot. I felt slightly nekid, having worn it for so long. I too notice these things, perhaps that's why I noticed others NOT noticing.
CAW, you may be right re people not mentioning it, we Australians are very "english" about that sort of thing afterall. I take mine off for some cooking, I hate getting stuff under it, icky.
E - I don't think they are meaningless either, but I was in a bit of a grumpy mood yesterday, my feet hurt.