Sunday, June 22

Just like my Mum ...

... Pears Transparent Soap is the soap in the shower. No other brand, never ever.
Wettex sponge cloths, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom. No other cloth will do.
Towels, fold in half longways, then fold that in half, then fold into thirds. A nice rectangle, easily stackable result. No other form of towel origami will be tolerated.
Socks, hung in pairs, by the toes. Don't let me catch you pegging those sock tops!
Kitchen drawers, top for the cutlery (from the left, knives, forks, spoons with teaspoons along the bottom), middle for utensils, bottom for stuff (string, batteries, clingfilm, baking paper ...) Just like my Mum.
How about you?


Zoomie said...

Yes, and I make the bed exactly as she did, too! And, if I stray from her strictures, I feel guilty, even though she went to heaven nearly 20 years ago!

Roo said...

It's very strange when you find yourself turning into one of your parents.
Thanks for the Wordle thing. I may have to go and play. Ohh and the Pear soup sounds nice ;o)

cookiecrumb said...

I am SO with you on the towel folding. Not quite the way my mom did it, but I think I still fold pillow cases her way.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, I'll admit I stopped the whole making the bed thing as soon as I left home (except for clean sheet day, the bed looks great on clean sheet day).
Roo - ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG - though pear soup probably would be nice.
Cookie, I forgot the pillowcases, they are folded the same way too, but not the fitted sheets, I'm Martha's girl when it comes to fitted sheets!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Tis funny though, I think the only think my sister does the same is the towel thing - wonder why that is!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

only THING obvy!