Sunday, June 15

... well, you need to smell nice, shave the prickles off your face, have big manly-man hands, a deep voice, be good at fixing things, plenty of chest hair, enjoy eating and drinking (but neither to excess) and be nice to me - not so very difficult really.
Oh, smokers and god botherers need not apply.


Roo said...

Brilliant - that's me then if Mr Mouse ever decided to abdicate! The hands may let me down...damn (oh and maybe the boyfriend things - double damn) ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Very good!

But I must confess to wondering why the heck all those other individuals are looking for bears sh*tting in the woods???
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, don't forget the whole doomed-long-distance-romance thing too ;)
Lee, I too wonder about that - I suspect someone said to them "does a bear shit in the woods?" in response to some obvious thing they said and, since they didn't actually know where bears dispose of their waste, googled it to find out!
Perhaps I should pop the words "is the pope catholic" in a post and see how much traffic that brings ;)