Sunday, June 8

And what did I do today?

... Well, Mr Brown took me to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. Daft but loads of fun, just like being a kid again.
And now I'm cooking pea & ham soup, the ideal thing for the dark, wet and gloomy day it's turned out to be (thank goodness I did all the laundry yesterday).
And yes, my 3 birthday wishes were granted.
The perfect pencil is, well, just perfect.
Lily the amethyst is gorgeous and glints on my finger as I type.
And dinner at 41, oh my! We went the five course with matching wine option so I can't reliably relay exactly what we ate, but I do recall quite a bit of seafood was involved, and we both had hare and the dessert platter to share and that the lovely waiter was extravagantly tipped because she was a delight and we were a bit, ever so wobbly booted. I do remember it was wonderful and that Mr Brown had arranged a window table so we gazed out at the city lights and watched the fog and the weather roll in and out again.
And then I find Lee over at Pink Granite made me a banner - my first intertubie virtual gift. Thanks Lee.Oh, oh, and my Mum, my lovely mum, knitted me a vegan fox stole. I've named him Renard. He came to the movies with us and kept me warm as toast in the ridiculously cold cinema.


Anonymous said...

well now i know why you weren't at home when i tried to call. Happy Birthday to you xx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yep, that's where we were alright, scoffing lunch in chinatown and then watching a silly movie - enjoy that chocolate cake (n my behalf)!

Zoomie said...

Da fox is da bomb!

Pink Granite said...

Ooooh it sounds absolutely perfect! That Mr. Brown sure knows how to wine, dine and celebrate!
And your Mum's Vegan Fox Stole is fabulous! She must share your style, wit and sense of humor.
While I couldn't find the millennial-ish award I mentioned, I'm glad you got a kick out of the banner!
Happy Birthday!
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...

Ohjeez. Happy Dappy!
Much love.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

thanks all - sufficient fuss was made to ensure a happy birthday all round.