Friday, May 16

This will make you sick ...

... and if it doesn't, then I don't think we'd get on in real life.
This is NOT art, this is lack of empathy for a fellow being - I've signed the petition and I'd like to think anyone who reads this would too.
That someone didn't walk up, untie the dog and take it away is a sad comment on humanity. Even if the dog was going to die anyway, once the suffering has been brought to your attention, shoved in your face, how could you not do something? Even if that something was taking the animal and having it humanely put down.


Pink Granite said...

It did make me sick and sad.
I don't understand.
And it's certainly not art.

e said...

Ditto. Some people should be shot.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sick, sad and angry.
E, rather than shoot him, perhaps tie him up in a gallery with no food and water while "art" lovers stand and watch him die! But no, that would make us as bad as the "artist", arsehold morelike!

Zoomie said...

Why didn't people at least call the SPCA???? That dog didn't even have water, much less food. The "artist" should spend a good, long time in jail.