Thursday, May 1

So, a report of sorts ...

... the venue was a jewel box, beautiful, understated, with one side painted in the most wonderful burgundy red.
The service, friendly, knowledgeable, not at all pretentious (and cute too boot).
And the food, little mouth orgasms were experienced all night. And it was pretty too, just lovely to look at.
Mr Brown and our temporarily widowed friend, Mrs Hedonist, started with the Crisp confit of spiced Muscovy duck, with braised borlotti beans, sweet onion purée, speck and Café de Paris butter – I got a taste, and it was most fine. I had the bunny, aka the Rillette of Macleay Valley rabbit with duck liver parfait, green apple, riesling jelly and freshly toasted brioche. Can I just do a wee victory dance here and say I WON THE ENTRÉE RACE THIS TIME! The rillette was just perfect, meaty, fatty, melt in the mouth and the duck parfait, smooth-as silk bliss.
Then on to the main courses, Mr Brown had the Crisp-skinned fillet of wild line-caught barramundi, with buttered marron, green summer vegetables and yabby bisque which he declared delicious – I cannot judge, he stabbed me with a fork when I attempted to try it. I had the Poached breast of free-range Glenloth chicken, with a pithivier of roast leg, and a trio of Jerusalem artichoke. I don’t usually order chook when eating out, I can cook it at home but the word pithivier caught my eye, and I love a tiny pie. It was the best chicken I’ve eaten for a very long time indeed, and the wee Jerusalem artichoke, mmmmm. Mrs Hedonist had the Tortellini of wild Victorian mushrooms and celeriac and hazelnut terrine, and fresh baby herb salad. The smell of the mushrooms arrived before the dish itself, I love ‘shrooms and the plate was cleared before my fork could wander over that way (but since she had donated a taste of her duck, I couldn’t really complain).
We all had the Macerated strawberries, figs and blueberries with creme Chantilly and toasted vanilla marshmallow for desert, it seemed the healthy option, fruit you see.
We are so going back for the degustation next time.


purpleronnie said...

OH man that sounds good.. I have just finished my dinner but I'm salivating over here!

Anonymous said...

Do you spose you could go back to writing food reviews? you have such a way with words and i quite wish i had been there too...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ronnie, it really was most excellently excellent.
S - shhh, you're unearthing my mysterious past ;) Would be good, someone paying for fancy dinners out, but we'd get terribly, terribly fat I suspect!