Saturday, May 31

Nimbus ...

... these arrived this week. By Joanna Rutter, via
In other shopping news, on Thursday I finally found (via a good friend who "spots" for me*) the perfect pair of grey-suede, mary-jane heels. I've been looking for years, since I saw a pair on a woman at some train station and was too shy to go up and ask her where she got the fabulous shoes. Friday lunchtime I come back from a visit to the podiatrist with the news I've got Plantar fasciitis with massive scar tissue build up, and with my feet twice the normal size due to a shitload of elastic bandage strapping.
Fuck it.
*spotting is when you say to a friend, "I'm looking for ....." and she keeps an eye out for you and reports back if anything is found. It increases the number of eyes looking for something, and the number of shops visited. The shoes in question came from I shop I didn't know existed and wouldn't have looked in if I did.


Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
1. What lovely little clouds.
2. The shoes sound very snazzy.
3. Ow! Poor feet! Poor you!
4. Hope you have a good weekend!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

1. They are most blissmaking.
2. Shoe lust is a curse and I'm going to wear them anyway.
3. At least the foot thing means daily foot massages. Perhaps the earrings are actually cloud linings!
4. Let us not speak of the weekend.

Urban Koda said...

That sucks about your feet - the Plantar Fasciitis thing, not the shoes...

My buddy just got over it, but it tooks several cortizone shots and 6 months off running. I did see these cool looking socks in a magazine the other day though... They had a strip of fabric that ran from the toes back up to the top of the sock, so you would look like some kind of goblin or fairy or something. I think they're supposed to keep the fascia stretched out or something while you sleep.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well UK, at least I won't have to give up running - having never taken it up. I like the idea of goblin socks though, must investigate.