Saturday, September 15

Why is living within walking distance of Norton St so good ?

... because you can throw a bit of a paddy over the fact that the washing up wasn't done (the cook does NOT do the washing up), refuse to cook "in this mess", and propose a quick walk to an old fave. Before you leave you can have a nice cranberry & vodka, when you arrive you can have a beer (him) a martooni (me) at the bar while you wait for your table to be made ready (grrrrr) and have a bottle of wine with dinner. You can eat stuffed zucchini flowers, crisp-fried harbour prawns, whole whiting & duck and then waddle a little unsteadily home - to eat chocolate.
The downside? Ooooh a slight "seedy feeling" upon waking - I really needed that egg & bacon roll this morning.


Pink Granite said...

We haven't lived in a city in many years, but the up side is just what you describe. It was nice having access to all the good things a city has to offer. Your local fave, Grappa, sounds and looks yummy!

BTW, I get that a "paddy" is a bit of a fit, but I've never heard the term before.
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, paddy, a mild domestic tantrum, it's a good word I think.