Sunday, September 16

Pond saga continued ....

... flavoured with a touch of marital discord.
So, the pond. We were having a little water clarity problem,
way too much alga, couldn't see a thing and we'd read it wasn't doing the fish any good either. Mr Brown said he'd get a UV filter "just a little thing, it hangs down the side" he said. "right you are then, off you go, bring back one of those UV doovies, make it so".
And so, you can imagine my shock, surprise, when this is what he brought home - having spent 400 freaking dollars! I objected, quite violently, called it ugly, too big and too fucking expensive - arms were waved, things were said in the heat of the moment, a rash watch purchase was mentioned. Sigh.
Anyway, he refused to take it back and spent the afternoon installing it. It's reasonably well hidden. I am mildly placated since he promises it means we can have more fish and that the putrid stuff we, no HE, will be pumping out of the tub is very good for the garden.

A bit of adjusting was required (turn on the speakers and listen to that turbulence) and the fish seem happy. Plant life is hiding the worst of the tubes.I guess we'll stick together for a bit longer.


Fiona said...

This article really made me laugh. Nothing to cause discord, in an otherwise harmonious home, like building or in this case pond installation. I am sure it will look really lovely when it is all clear. Post some pictures of the fish. Nana Fi

e said...

Too cute. Rash watch purchase, huh? Who among us has not succumbed?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Nanna FI, hello there - I've no nanas left, careful, I may adopt you :)
E - well, Mr B has clearly NEVER succumbed (the bastard!)