Monday, September 17

OMIF ...

... hooly dooly, am I glad ...
(a) I don't have the same invisible friend as they do.
(b) I believe in moderation in all (well ok, most) things.
(c) Mr Brown & I agree about the whole contraception thing.
Seriously, these people need to stop.
Edited to add - I went back and looked again (it's a bit like a horrible accident, you can't help but look, fascinated) and realised that each of those 17 children have a name beginning with J (personally I think Jinger is cheating [so does the spellcheck!] ). There is a serious form of madness going on there.


e said...

I know, it's a little gross, isn't it?

Urban Koda said...

It only took my wife and I 4 mistakes to figure out what was causing out problems... Thanks for helping us feel normal about only having 4.

I used to have an invisible friend a few years back too, but then I saw the light... Or is that an contradiction?

Cosy said...

Oh dear! It's just out of control, isn't it? Check out their favourite family recipes. [Shudder]

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - we can only be grateful that it's not us, 100 years ago, it may well have been - aaaaarrrrrgggggg.
UK - 4 is tolerable, madness, but not totally insane ;) but 17, dogs and cats have smaller litters than that! As for the IF thing, perhaps not the light, rather the DARKNESS - mrooogahahahahha!
Cosy, I did, I always wondered what tater tots were, but now my mind is boggling at Liquid Amino, wtf??

e said...

Have you googled liquid amino?

Chester The Bear said...

Damned breeders.

But I looked at the "family pics", into Michelle's eyes and thought "oh, you poor woman".

Then I thought "17, that takes a LOT of money in any language", so I clicked on the "Financial Freedom" link.

I didn't know you could get finance from the invisible friend.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - googled the liquid stuff, ick. Still, cheaper than feeding 19 people steak!
Chester, I too feel sorry for the woman, she must be bone tired (& sore as hell). ALthough, my Grandmother, who had about 10, said having babies was a bit like "shelling peas".
As for financial freedom - so that's why we never have enough, no IF!