Saturday, September 1

Bloody Hell ...

... I've often been asked why I've chosen to have no personal invisible friend or friends - and I won't go into the many, many, many reasons here. Belief, or non-belief, is a personal choice - I don't try to convert anyone and ask only for the same consideration.
BUT - go read the Nonist's post on There is yet another Hell, which may help explain one of the reasons. This is no way for one friend to treat another.


LBA said...

I can't believe people are so rude to quiz you on why you don't follow an organised faith ?

I'm with Depeche Mode.

My own, personal, jesus
Someone to hear my prayers, someone who cares.

I'm quite spiritual, but it's a personal thing, from inside and from nature. No church, no doctrine, no rules. Just the ability to smile, have faith, breathe, feel lucky, be alive.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B - it used to make me very cross indeed, but not so much anymore - nowadays I just refuse to get into an argument - life's too short. I'm with you on feeling lucky to be alive, healthy and living somewhere safe (and not forced to pretend to believe in anything on pain of death).

e said...

Yeah, I don't see the point either - to either follow some organized religion or to argue about it.

Ms Brown Mouse said...


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. People here try to convert me all the time to one religion or another. It is very freaking annoying, frustrating and shows a certain arrogance on their part ... that is, that the converters believe THEIR faith to be superior to mine.
This is, of course, bullshit.
There is also a great deal of self-interest on the converters part at play. That is, the more lambs they bring to the flock, the higher their own chances are of getting a ticket to heaven.
Again, this = bullshit.
I cannot tell you the number of potential converters I've told to go away. Argh.

Anonymous said...

.. by the way, I clicked on the link in the post, but it couldn't be displayed :( bwah! xx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Just plain bad manners I say (the converting thing) - I don't go around trying to convince people my POV is the only one, so the god botherers should just leave me alone - Oh, fixed the link too CAW!