Thursday, August 9

Time travel ...

...Via the tum tum.
Mr Brown & I travelled back to the 1970s tonight, we had Salmon Quiche for dinner. A proper one, made from a recipe from some ancient Women’s Day or Women’s weekly cookbook, not sure which.
You see, when I first left home (rather late, at 21) my mum made me a bunch of photocopies of recipes that she knew I liked – and the Salmon Quiche was one of them.
I’ve still got it pasted into my special book of recipes (special because a recipe only makes it into the book if it’s something I’ve made again and again and again AND if Mr Brown likes it – it’s so he can make his favourite meals if I die. He’s promised NEVER to give it to another woman!).
Anyhoo, it’s the real, 1970s deal. Tinned red salmon, more butter and cream than is sensible, and a sprinkle of paprika! No pics but here’s the pastry, cos you know you can fill the pastry with anything you like + eggs & cream (3 eggs & 300 ml cream).
1 cup plain flour
1 egg
90g butter
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
That’s it, bung it all in a bowl and whiz until it forms a ball, roll out, fill the quiche dish, chill for an hour in the fridge, fill & bake.
I’m going to dig out that recipe for Steak Dianne!


Pink Granite said...

Hey DMM -
I hardly ever cook from recipes, but I too worry about what my husband would do if I suddenly were hit by a bus. He knows how to make Caviar Pie, Chili and Baba Ganoush, but other than that...

I nearly always tell him how I prepared a meal and bless his heart he nods appreciatively, but I know a nod is not equal to being able to replicate the dish!

So, inspired by your special book of recipes, I may have to buckle down and start writing down more recipes/culinary roadmaps.

And I will definitely extract the same promise from Chuck to never give it to another woman!
- Lee

e said...

Sounds delish! And cute are you with the book for Mr. Brown, on condition he never give it to another woman. It's wonderful that you want to make sure he's taken care of even if you die. I believe that's called love. :o)

cookiecrumb said...

I hope you washed it down with a proper Cold Duck.

Chester The Bear said...

I time travelled the other day... I had a Chico Roll.

"Chico Roll", I thought. "Wow. I haven't had one of those for longer than I can remember".

It didn't take long to realise why.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Pink - he's promised to make me a book to - with how t programme the video, tune the TV, fix the taps and do tax in it!
E - I once promised my entire book collection to another woman - on the promise she'd make sure Mr Brown was fed well & regularly - I hate to think of him reverting to his single man days of buckets of steamed veggies & weetabix.
Cookie, not cold duck no - but you've got me thinking - a visit to the bottle shop for some mateus rose or blue nun may be in order!
Mr Bear - a month ago I ate 2 potato scallops - something I'd not done for 20 years - and probably won't for another 20.
Do you remember all those posters, with the wild-haired girl on the motorbike, eating (well holding) a chico roll - hehehehe.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Thanks for the "turn about is fair play" tip! I surely would need a comparable book from Chuck!
- Lee