Wednesday, August 22

Attention CBD pedestrians ...

... Don't attempt to cross the fucking road unless the little man in the traffic light is GREEN.
I don't want to appear unsympathetic but as an observer of pedestrian behaviour in this area and all over the CBD I could almost 100% guarantee this accident was NOT the bus driver's fault. I'd make the same prediction for all the others mentioned in the story.
It's quite simple, don't step out into traffic unless you want to be hit by a vehicle - and if you do step out into traffic, when the little man isn't green - don't fucking complain when you get knocked flying, don't you dare demand compensation and don't try to have road rules changed to compensate for your own stupidity!
How to make the area safer for pedestrians? Smack all J-walkers upside their heads. Fuck.


cookiecrumb said...

You're trying to be all serious and grumpy, and you're just making me snort with laughter.
Snort!! :D

Anonymous said...

Universal scientific principal - in the sitation of woman v. bus...bus ALWAYS wins. Yipes. Sounds like a nasty accident. Maybe they should have a raised walkway for this intersection.

By the way...I love "kerb"...we say "curb" which just doesn't have the same appeal...get it...curb (or kerb) appeal...tee hee hee. No worries...I'm keeping my day job.

For those unkowing...curb appeal is how nice your property looks from the street...mainly discussed when someone is selling a property.

I'm done now.

All finished.

Getting back to work.

Chester The Bear said...

Mouse. I've not seen you have a tantie before. Well done, and well said!

As for pedestrians... serves 'em right.

And Willsie... "raised walkway". That would a)require politicians who actually did something, b)bureaucrats would let things be done, and c) vision and forethought, none of which we have much of here down under.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, you'd have laughed when I had my wee rant later in the evening when the story was on the tv news, there was much waving of arms and venting.
Willsie - curb here means hold back! the Pedestrians should be CURBED at the KERB! tee hee.
Mr Bear, I'm sure I've had a tanty before - I'm a tanty sort of mouse - and no raised walkways - just don't cross the road against the lights! Simple - and if buses cull the stupid people - pfft!

Anonymous said...

here in california, peds regularly launch themselves recklessly onto the road while cars are driving on them. we, the drivers, have to stop for them by law or suffer horrid consequences.

it's awfully disconcerting.

a friend of mine ran rifht over some random bloke at night - he was wearing black clothes, was drunk, crossing against the NO CROSSING lights. she was in a convertible at the time. the roof was up. the carnage was bad enough, but imagine what it would have been like for htem both if the roof had been down?



Urban Koda said...

Wow! I've always considered mice to be small and sweet!!

Glad to know I'm not the only person who yells at the TV when morons make the news.

These are the stories that don't quite make the Darwin awards, but none-the-less do the human race a great service by removing defective genes from the pool.

I applaud you for sharing, and the bus for doing the deed!

e said...

Some people might actually be stupid enough to live.