Tuesday, July 17

Tuesdays ...

... my Ma bebe-sits the local shop on Tuesdays, so the shop folk, a nice couple, can have a day free to do stuff, actually together and everything. As a thank you she can use the intertube at the shop, borrow DVDs, have a snack and a coffee, that sort of thing. She’s learned how to make proper espresso coffee on the machine and everything.
Anyhoo, it means she catches up on my bloggage on Tuesdays – Hi Mum!
And to report - Last night was the coldest night for 20 years in Sydney - there was FROST on the beaut's window - the first time we've seen that since we moved here (it was an everyday occurrence during winter back in Canberry!). I took advantage of the cold and wore my alpaca scarf (gift from from Peru) for the first time ever and did not find it necessary to unbutton my coat while walking uphill to work this morning. Brrrr.

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