Monday, July 9

Multitasking ...

... Mr Brown has finally let me have a go of his fabo (work provided) new laptop (the old one was crap and not worth the lap room). I'm sitting on the lounge, blogging, watching 4 Corners and drinking red wine. The cats have been pushed off and are sulking on the second couch. This is just like being in high school when I'd read a book, watch TV and do my homework all at the same time.
I think I'll just take this moment to be grateful that I wasn't born in the middle ages, or the Victorian era or even that I even didn't have to be a grown-up in the 60s or even 70s.


Chester The Bear said...

I've always thought I was born 300 years too late, or maybe 300 years too early. Having "Intrepid Explorer" on one's business card just doesn't seem to carry weight in this over touristified world.

As for the laptop... unfortunately, it's Mini's favourite bed, so it's difficult to work quietly in front of the TV. We have occasionally left it on and unattented, only to return to find than random wriggling and stretching has sent 5 emails and changed the desktop wallpaper.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I was getting baneful glares from the furries - the laptop was taking their favourite spot after all.
Ping likes to walk all over the answering machine - sometimes in the middle of the night we wake to the sound of a long forgotten message.