Tuesday, July 3

Luncheon Disaster ...

... my tres elegant lunch today, celebrating the birthday of a friend, has been cancelled (a pox on sickly children and school holidays).
My lunch tomorrow has also been cancelled, a pathetic excuse on her part - "I forgot to put it in my diary" - blerg say I.
Edited to Add - Redemption, divine Vietnamese soup will be consumed on Friday. Also, tonight Mr Brown & I will have pus balls for dessert.
Edited to Add - My head spins, Friday has been moved to today (Wednesday) which was when it was originally supposed to be!


e said...

Koinkidinkally, I always say that pus balls make everything ok. :o)

Ok, what exactly are pus balls? Inquiring minds want to know.

e said...

It's because you had pus balls.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'll blog some pus ball consumption tonight. Plus Polly Pockets!