Sunday, July 8

Clearly ...

... it wasn't working for me. I've gone back, the new template-y thing was too rigid, it wouldn't let me (or I couldn't work out) how to have my sidebar toys. So if you missed my brief experiment in colour, sorry but sometimes it's best to stick with what you know.
Edited to add - but then I finally worked out how to change the background colour all by myself, which is all I wanted to do anyway so, tadah. Go here for a terribly useful site of all the html codes for colours.


LBA said...

I voted 'no'.

Just looking at the results now, I think those yessers were sucking up your bits :)

BUT, I can say that comfortably now, as it's looking rooly noice.

I take it you dabbled in that sucky 'new blogger' template thing ? Yeah, it's yetch.

Much better to tweak your html and hexcodes etc. As you've discovered :)

e said...

Groovy pink background. Delicate and soothing. Two thumbs up!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers, was that new blogger - it was bossy and wouldn't let me have library thing or the flickr badge or my clock or anything - blerg. I do like the pale pink and am glad I finally worked it out - more tweeking to come.