Wednesday, June 27

Wednesday night pizza ...

... I went with an Australian classic tonight, I know it will make the Italians and the purists shudder with horror but, Ham & Pineapple mmmmmmmmm. Don't, for the sake of invisible friends everywhere, use sweetened pineapple, that would taste of cheese-coated lolly (revolting). Do use real ham, carved off the bone by your friendly neighbourhood deli cutiepie (and boy oh boy, we have several, of both sexes, down in Norton St). Fresh mozzarella of course.
Oh, news, my bebe brother and his lovely wife produced loin fruit this morning, a wee boykin (actually a bit of a monster, 9.4 in the old money, erk). Another June bebe, the very best kind.


Roo said...

Hey hey - congrats on the new nephew ;o) (I was 10lb 4 when I was born BTW)

Tell me you do loads of excercise so you can enjoy all that pizza - if you have a metabolic rate that just sloughs off the pounds then there is no god!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oh your poor mum, that's HUGE.
As for exercise - I don't believe in exercise it makes you all hot and sweaty and I've not had one of those metabolic rates since I was 25, bummer that. I'm what's known as Rubenesque (also, we only eat 1 pizza between us and only once a week).