Thursday, June 28

Magic banks ...

... a recent post by Bloggeroo alerted me to the fact that ATMs are 40. Still, I don't think they've been in Australia that long. Why?
Well, about 15 or 16 years ago Mr Brown & I were driving through Tatura (why? he was sailing nearby and I was along to make the toasties). Driving through the "town" we were stopped by the a local volunteer fire brigade chappie with a bucket, looking for a donation from the out-of-townies.
Mr Brown took the opportunity to ask "where's the hole-in-the-wall bank?"
Mr Tatura looked a little blank, "you'll have to run that by me again young fella" he drawled in that country-Victorian way.
"You know, the hole-in-the-wall bank, you put in the card and it gives you the money."
"Nope, don't think we have one of those here young fella. Might have one in Shep, might have one in Mroop, but we don't have one in Tat."
Right then. I seem to recall I spent that weekend up to my knees in mud.


Anonymous said...

I'm not 40, and the first time I saw/used one was when I was 20.

Some would still let you get out $10 in those days, which was usually the balance of my account


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ha - I am 40 and I can remember when you could take $5 out! Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

ms mouse - have you seen the drive thru ones in bulli? they are a trip. or is it austinmere? im not sure, however, they are still v trippy.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - hmmm, no I've not seen the drive though jobbies - wouldn't it be rather like trying to get one of those car park tickets? Never being able to get at the dispenser without having to open the bloody door?