Saturday, June 30

Lovely Stuff ...

... CAW blogged a while back about things she can't live without. It got me thinking about the things that bring joy to my life, things that make life better than just pootling along. I'm not talking about the BIG things (like Mr Brown or the furry girls, family etc). No, I'm taking about the little extras, the lovely stuff. And so I begin, Lovely Stuff - An Occasional Series.
1. Watches. Something I wear every day, weekends included. I check the time obsessively, not sure why but I really like to know what the time is. But only from a watch, the phone clock or computer clock just don't cut it.
From the left ...
  • the Pulsar my mum gave me for my 16th birthday. I recall she asked me what I wanted and I burst into tears (teenage girls, I don't even pretend to understand them) because I couldn't think of anything. So she bought me a proper watch. Before that I'd been wearing the HUGE digital thing, black, clumpy and tres ugly (not in a good way). I wear it still.
  • the George Jensen Torun design watch Mr Brown gave me for my 35th birthday. I'd coveted this watch for years and years, pre Mr Brown, it's such a beautiful thing. It's a 1962 design by Vivianna Torn Bulo-Hube. Apparently she was asked to re-design something she didn't like and she chose a watch. The bangle is open, symbolising that time should not bind us and the mirror face to remind us that life should be lived now (me, I found it terribly useful for lipstick application). I wore if as my day watch for years but always worried terribly, in the summer, that it would go flying off after a fit of waving flies away (the Australian Salute) so I mainly wear it as an evening watch now.
  • which brings me to watch #3, yes it's one of those, but it's 21 years old. I bought it second hand. And CAW was there in the shop, at the time, and didn't stop me. I look at it as a long-term saving, since I'll never ever have to buy a watch battery again. Also it tells me the date. And the purchasing of it cheered me up at a particularly horrible time. And I don't have to justify it, so there. This is my every day watch now. No danger of it flying off over the railway bridge!
  • the cat watch in all it's rubber glory. The face has a black and white stripy cat and the band has raised paw prints and fish. I saw it and had to have it. It's a cheery watch for weekends and silliness.
  • the Chameleon watch, a swatch that was on sale just when I needed a cheapie. The purple Chameleon's tongue goes right across the face and pings a blue dragonfly on the other side. The band is a rainbow. I bought it to take to New Zealand because I didn't want to risk loosing anything I couldn't afford to replace.

There have been many others, the skeleton watch, the moon phase watch, but I'm buggered if I can find them - which is a shame.
I currently covert this watch, magical isn't it?

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