Friday, June 8

Challenge well met ...

... I do believe.
Ms CAW set her blogger buddies a challenge, get something daft written on a Starbucks cup - she allowed Gloria Jeans too, since some of us work closer to the happy-clappy invisible friend franchises than the wicked global coffee tsars.
First go, GJ, was a dismal failure, I ordered a piccolo latte ($2.85, rip-off-o-rama - mandarin included for scale) but, since it was late at night and nobody else was there, I wasn't asked for my name. "Don't you need my name?" I hinted. "No, I'll remember you," said the nice lady (no doubt thinking I was some kind of simpleton). The coffee wasn't as bad as I expected.
Next attempt I wandered up to Starbucks, in daylight hours and I ordered a tall hazelnut latte (thinking the sweet nutty syrup would override the coffee, it did).
So, they asked for my name -
Me: "Mucus."
(Mucus is my Bogeyman name - it's also a viscous, slimy mixture of mucins, water, electrolytes, epithelial cells, and leukocytes that is secreted by glands lining the nasal, esophageal, and other body cavities and serves primarily to protect and lubricate surfaces - great eh?)
Coffee Chick: "Lucas?"
Me: "No, Mucus, with an M."
Coffee Chick: "How do you spell that?"
Me: "M U C U S."
Ta Da!(you can get huge bags of the old coffee grounds from Starbucks, for the compost and to keep snails off your bebe plants, cors I grabbed me one!)
The worst of it was I had to sneak past my usual coffee guy with a Starbucks cup, hiding it under my coat so he wouldn't know I'd cheated on him. Baristas, like hairdressers, should not be crossed.


LBA said...

lolololololololololol !!!

Oh my - this is too good - you had to SPELL It .. oh my God - too funny ... tooo funny.

What an absolute kakk.
I'll have to hunt down the other bloggers to see how they fared - what a great challenge ... lol ..

Anonymous said...

Outstanding!!!! Mucus! Like H&B I'm also giggling b/c you had to spell it for them - tremendous stuff my dear Mouse.
I applaud your courage in being able to slip by your usual barista. Their hearts are broken very easily, so 10 out of 10 for not alerting him to your treachery!! Nice one :)

Matsby said...

It's kinda gross too.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

To be fair the coffee chick (all of about 15)probably just couldn't believe my name was Mucus, thought she misheard and would get me to spell it to be sure.
That or school standards have REALLY slipped - I mean it's very important to be able to spell the gross words - who did't spend time as a kiddie looking up mucus, rectum, and the like?

e said...


Can you imagine being a 15 year old kid and someone's name is Lucas and you spell it Mucus on their cup by accident, and then all hell breaks loose? Decades of therapy, poor thing.

Mouse, this was a stroke of genius. Mucus may be unbeatable. You have set the bar quite a bit higher.

Anonymous said...

Yessum e. Im wondering what could top mucus. Phlegm perhaps? Haemoglobin? hmmmmm. LOL

Anonymous said...

i've got it:


??? ack!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

ooohhh I may well give it a go :)