Sunday, August 13

Things I learned from the Interweb ...

... That Morgan is another name for the Morrigan - a celtic goddess of battle, strife, fertility and, strangely enough, washing! (Perhaps this can explain why I quite like a good washing day! Nothing I read indicated Morrigan liked folding & putting away clean washing, so it fits.)

Morrigan is a single as well as a triple goddess (triple traditionally, Maiden, Mother, Crone – not unusual for girly eternal beings apparently - unless the furry girls count it looks like I've missed the middle bit!). The trio is meda up of Morrigan, Badb (Crow or Raven), and either Macha (also Crow/Raven) or Nemain (Frenzy). Apparently Morrigan frequently appears as a hooded crow or raven which I find terribly stylish!

Derivatives of Morrigan are Morrigna, Morrigu and, Morgan – which is from the Welsh word mor (the sea) or mawr (great, big) and can (bright) or cant (circle) or geni (born). All rather confusing but it sounds good.

I also found out that morgans are Welsh water sprites that drown men after luring them using their sylphic beauty or showing them tantalising glimpses of underwater gardens. Apparently morgans are eternally young and sit in the water combing their hair like saucy minxes. Nice way to spend a hot summer , I'm guessing they don't prune up after spending too long in the bath. (On a side note, I once coated my nekkid body with Vicks Vapour Rub - I can't remember why - and got into a nice hot bath - I FROZE, it was horrible. Certainly didn't stay in long enough to prune up that time.)

What’s more, Morgon is a wine made in Beaujolais, France – I must try me some of that.

Morgan! was also a film made in 1966 (written David Mercer, directed Karel Reisz) about a man obsessed with Karl Marx and gorillas (ummm, no similarities there).

And I was most relieved to learn that Morgan Fairchild is not an original Morgan like me, she is actually a Patsy Anne McClenny.
No images - I looked but it was all a little to "breasty" for me.


caw said...

Could the real Morgan please stand up?! LOL

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Me It's Me - the one NOT wearing her bra on the outside!