Tuesday, August 15

SNOW ...

Well the closest thing we'll ever get in Sydney, hail.The most impressive thunder-bold & lightening storm swept across Sydney this afternoon, we all stopped work for a bit to look out the window and watch it sweep in. Then the hail came, it bucketed down.
At day's end, looking out the train window on the way home, Mr Brown & I saw the ovals at Wentworth Park completely white with a blanket of hail. And Jubilee Park was all white too, with impressive mist swirling off like somthing out of Dr Who (& isn't the new Dr Who a cutie, yummy yum yum).
When we got home the back yard was pretty much covered too.
We made a hail ball.
And walked about making foot prints, it was several cm deep in some spots.
We even took Ping out, she was pretty impressed and scrunched about making tiny holes, nary a paw shake until she got back inside.
And isn't it pretty?


caw said...

I remember those red shoes! Yah, this hail was amazing stuff - I blogged it too and wished I could've been there to hear it pelting down on the roof. Will your garden freeze??

Anonymous said...

Garden seems fine & dandy, the tree next door lot a shit load of leaves but our maple hasn't started growing leaves yet. Funny thing is the "snow" didn't last on the dirt bits of the garden, just the cement bits so I'm guessing it's just cold water to the plants!

caw said...

I hope the plantaloons don't get frostbite from all those icicles!