Saturday, August 19

It's Mr Brown's ...

... Birthday today - he's terribly old - I won't say how old, but old.
As a birthday treat I got up and got the egg and bacon rolls from the market this morning. I thought 9am would be early enough but it was still a 1/2 hour wait in the queue!!
He did very well in the birthday loot stakes - many items of smicko clothing, a bottle of triple-fermented organic beer (from Canada)
and a box of 30 assorted Lindt balls (including PEANUTBUTTER).
There's a surprise Lindt Cafe chocolate & orange cake in the fridge too, hidden under bags of mushrooms and capsicums - for after we return home from dinner at the Temple of Love (where, as birthday boy, he gets to select the entire meal - I hope it's not all Ella's Wraps).
Pics later, after the battery is charged up (again). I think a new battery purchase in on the cards.

UPDATE: The temple of Love went well and there was drama and excitment at the end where Mr Brown got to be a hero (well sort of, more of a hero than a football or cricket player anyway - hero is considerabally overused these days). Anyhoo, as we were walking out, full as googs, a young woman fell down the stairs, injured her knee and couldn't get up. Her group of friends were completely useless, just patting her sholder and asking if she could get up. Former boy scout Brown leapt to the rescue, got ice from the temple bar man, recommended elevation and restrained himself from joking about having the leg cut orf (given the girl had most of one arm missing already it probably wouldn't have gone down well). The boys in the group got all antsy about a the big Brown bear moving in & taking over but they were handflappingly useless. The girl was most grateful not giving a tinkers damn about the bruised male egos.
Then we got home and ate the cake along with some birthday single malt.

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