Wednesday, August 2

Cultural sophisticates

Mr Brown & I played at being cultural sophisticates tonight - we went to the Twilight Science evening at the Australian Museum.

It got orf to a bit of a hectic start because I forgot we'd bought tickets and if I hadn't looked at my diary at 5:50pm I'd never have rung Mr Brown and told him to get his hairy bottom into town by 6:30 - he made it in plenty of time (driving like a maniac against traffic) and we had a lovely evening.
There was the Volcano Show, Jazz in the Skeletons Exhibition and drinkies. We'd booked in for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Fossils Collection and it was a blast - trilobites by the hundred plus opalised crocodile teeth, fish, dinosaur bones and loads of other great stuff.
The guide, the collection manager, (name forgotten, drinkies remember) was great, a real boffin. Don't you just love boffins?!
Anyhoo, after a wizz of a ride on the Domain carpark express travelwalk thingy (wheeeee) we came home to THIS (brush tailed possum, suspected boy).Sitting in the Crepe Myrtle tree outside the front of the house.What a cutie, now I feel guilty for evicting him from our chimney.OOh don't you just want to pop him in your pocket??


caw said...

This is possumbly the cutest tree climber I have ever seen. We had a pregnant lady squirrel in our front tree the other day and I tried to take her photie, but even tho it was a 1,000 degrees in the shade and she was hot & thirsty & tired, she still managed to move at the speed of lightning to get away from the human's camera.
I shall have to be quicker next time. They are uber adorable those liddle squirrels, much like possums.

Anonymous said...

I lerved he squirrels in old london town, much nicer than the poo-encrusted pigeons!