Sunday, July 23

Just finished reading

Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel - a pretty good story, kept me going all weekend. But ... I'm afraid the back story just irritated me. Call me an old grumpy bum but I'm tired of the whole child molestation, deep dark sexual secrets buried down but bubbling up thing.

The story itself was good enough it didn't need it and as a plot device it's just getting tired.
Perhaps there should be some sort of warning sticker, "abused childhood inside" so I could avoid those books - or perhaps the bit on the blurb "and her own waking hours are plagued by the spirits of men from her past" should have tipped me off.


caw said...

I agree. It reminds me of the high percentage of sexual predators who end up in front of a judge (having assaulted, molested or raped someone) pleading their case saying "but I was sexually abused as a child / I was beaten / had a bad childhood, forgive me your honour."
What bullshit.
The lawyers who defend these crims should be horsewhipped as well as the culprits themselves.
All children grow up, and when they do, they owe it themselves and the world to deal with their lot.
they should not rely on "having a bad childhood" as a defence to excuse them for behaving disgracefully.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

oohh hmph indeed - I always ask "what about the thousands of abused children who DON'T grow up to be molesters" makes the argument weak eh?