Monday, June 12


Today it didn't rain, it wasn't particularly windy and the sun was out. Still colder than little Johnny Howard's stony heart but a day for doing things so ... I gave the house it's annual haircut.

Above is clearly the 'after' shot - for before try this - that's summer when it looks rather nice, in the winter the vines lose leaves and look tatty.

I'd noticed recently that our little house was beginning to look a little tatty round the edges so the haircut was in order. And now all that plant life is out of the way, perhaps I can persuade Mr Brown to splash a little paint around. I'm beginning to worry the neighbours sneer and say rude things about the shabby brown mice at the end of the road! Bastards!


caw said...

Neighbours? Bah to them say I. I'm loving your liddle house and I think it looks very pretty with its haircut.

Methinx it is also wonderful Sydney has copped so much rain, rain, blessed rain.

Is it super cold as well or just rainy? Enough rain to make a dent in the drought activity???

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hmmm, cold - hell yes, coldest June day for 11 years last week - but then I remember living in Canberra and think Ferk - what a wimp I've become. I remember going to Uni and the fog not rising until noon! Nights of minus 8 or 9, sometimes more! (less I mean, lower, pfft).
Sydney's gardens are ok for water now but not much fell in the dam catchment - bloody stupid place to put a dam catchment if you ask me - it never bloody rains there.