Monday, May 29


A good, if not particularly restful weekend.
Saturday was the usual paper, breakfast, cook a nice dinner thing but I got up at sparrows' fart to go to the markets at the end of the street and went choco-wild. A chocolate tart plus chocolate crossiants - Mr Brown was most pleased. I not only cooked a nice dinner (lamb, mmmm) but managed to cook lunch for Sunday too.
Sunday was an early-ish start to drive down to Bundeena for lunch with Ma, Pa, Sister & Niece. Well we arrived on time, with delicious cold pie and (half) a chocolate tart. The others got held up by a nasty accident and didn't arrive till well after we'd eaten. Still, got to see the oldies' retirement home and Sister & Niece came home to Sydney with us.
Ping was most impressed with the spare bed arrangements, nice hide-y spot.

(More of Ping at her blog)

Today, I spent my lunch hour with said niece trying to find something for her birthday. She SAID she wanted a dress but ended up selecting a rather cute pink top - I've snuck in some tres cutie tights to match cos that's what aunties do.
Work? meehh!


caw said...

I am *loving* this fotie of Her Ladyship Pingster. Very cute.

I will blog my weekendage activity in a day or 2. Stories to tell, most excitement.

How goes the workorama and email action from the department who shall not be named? Are you closer to having cyber-comms?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

sent you an email today re email - said department still crapular - looking forward to exciting news, will visit obsessivly.