Sunday, April 30


Just about finished this one. I'd never read anything by Ian Frazier before which is a shame because this collection of some of his short writings about New York is a lovely read. I often try out a new writer by reading their short stuff first. Then, if I like it I'll splurge on a novel or somat. I'm off to scour the shops for his Family and Dating Your Mom, as he's passed the short test. A really clever and descriptive writer who writes about things he loves.
After this I think I may dip into one of my "periodic reads". These are books I buy because the topic is interesting but the material is a bit heavy going or the book is just plain huge. I revisit from time to time, slowly making my way through the chapters.
An example, Paul Johnson's A History of the Jews. I've been making my way through this since March 1994. Or what about Peter Ackroyd's London the Biography (lost the slip cover, bugger)? This is a little less embarrassing, I've only been working through this since December 2000.
Part of the problem is I do a great deal of my reading in bed & big heavy books just aren't comfortable reading when one is supine. Also, the wrists get sore. If I'm not in bed reading I'm sprawled all over the couch or reclining amongst the many cushions on the chaise, neither good positions for reading heavy books. The London book is so weighty I've got to read it sitting up straight at the dining table - hence my long relationship with it. I'd better get a wriggle on with the History of the Jews though, it's font is rather small & my eyesight isn't getting any better.


caw said...

Ooo, crumbs. Good reading. I'm trying to wade thru the definition of grounded theory in addition to some blurb on "praxis" which is mildly interesting but it's all for yewni.
Altho I had fun today reading some newspaper articles my mama snail mailed me. I love Qld reportage - its so outraged all the time!!

caw said...

Allez! Allez!

Have you seen Dooce's pink shoes in her latest ramblings?

Now, even I - a non-hoofer type girlie - fancy those shoes to within an inch of my life.

spindleshanks said...

i've never even heard of him. may get myself the stories too. i like new york. and even though we have peter ackroyd's london, i'm not even going to pretend i could read it. my reading time is toddler-limited these days.
your purple basil drink looks divine. how clever you are at the kitchen-garden arts.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Caw - Pink shoes of Dooce are v nice but got nothing on my multi-hued jobbies with the grossgrain ribbon! Oh I LUV those shoeskis.
And boy am I glad I'm over the uni reading - my choices are so much more fun, and no essays at the end, yay!
SS - London is v hard going I'll admit, not sure why I'm reading it but was a requested gifty for xmas so I feel obliged. I too do much child-style reading - for the lilymonster - a book fiend.
The New York book is very nice indeed, I esp like his words on de-bagging trees!
As for the kitchen arts - u still non-wheat orientated. I've a luvly vegan soup with no wheat that is yummolishious - if you are interested!