Wednesday, April 26

I'm going to try this with my Blue Banded Bees

Next season - the cold weather has done for them for this season I'm afraid, no more little rows of bees like beads to come home to till next Spring.
There's evidence that they've laid down the next generation in our walls (that is mortar dust on the porch). Next year I hope to have a swish & fancy camera so I'll get much better pictures of the wee beekins.


caw said...

ooooo, that is such a nice fotie. Have you been to Jane Davneport's link on my blog? It has lots of macro fotography on it.
I'm keen to get into underwater macro fotography but I would have to sell every asset just to afford the underwater camera housing, let alone anything else.
Im scared of beesies. Copped a sting as a kiddie and it put me off getting up close & personal with them. Got chased thru the house by a hornet too, that was a bit unfun!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I's not scared of bees - I've only ever been stung when i did something really silly, like stand on one - bugger me if that doesn't hurt a LOT.
Ohh, an under water camera would be very useful what with all your diving lessons and all. Tell B to mortgage his soul and purchase your heart's desire!